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Queens Park Wines is a specialist supplier of leading Organic and Biodynamic Wines. Based in London, Queens Park Wines deliver to customers across the UK. Join the growing community of wine lovers that are embracing great tasting and healthier wines.
Organic & Biodynamic Wines
At QPW we firmly believe that Organic and Biodynamic production represents the future of healthy and responsible drinking. Not only are Organic and Biodynamic wines good for you, they are good for the environment. They form part of a wider, consumer-led movement towards a more eco-friendly food and drinks industry which ultimately means not just a healthier world, but a healthier you.
Beautifully Crafted Accessories
Like all life's pleasures, the drinking experience is not just about the wine itself. Beautifully crafted accessories compliment perfectly the interesting range of quality wines we sell. Silver plated Champagne baths, wine coolers, ice buckets, wine coasters and bottle openers.
Wine Tastings
If you have a group of fellow wine drinkers and would like to try some of our wines, we are offering you the chance to host a wine tasting evening. Choose your wines, tell us where and when, and we will come along with wine glasses and some of our beautiful accessories and do a tasting session.
Ian Simpson

A Message from the Owner

I have been drinking organic and biodynamic wine for many years now. Initially any wine without chemicals was better than a conventional wine, but over the years I discovered some exceptional organic or biodynamic wines, many of which were very reasonably priced. As I shared these lovely wines people kept asking where I had found them as most are not available in high street stores.

As interest in these lovely, healthy wines grew it seemed a natural progression to begin to sell them and the idea for Queens Park Wines was born. The last 10 years has seen an explosion in really high-quality organic and biodynamic wines as more and more growers switch to natural farming methods. Most people have no idea there is such a great choice of healthy wines or simply can’t get hold of them so QPW brings them all together in one place, promoting and supporting all the small producers that have converted to natural eco-friendly wine production.

I also hope to encourage people to think more carefully about what they drink and what impact it is having on their health and the environment. I firmly believe that the power to change the world lies, very simply, in how we spend our money.

The idea was conceived in early 2017 as was supposed to be a small, part-time hobby-business, but when I was made redundant from my job at Middlesex University in July 2017 I decided to jump off the cliff of dreams as it were, investing the small payout in setting up the business as a full-time concern. 1 year on and lots of hard work later here we are; Queens Park Wines is up and running and doing well, with extremely positive feedback from everybody that we meet and sell to.

There is a tide of change in the UK. People are no longer willing to put up with poor quality food and drinks that contains harmful chemicals and of course many have realised that with organic and biodynamic wines, you don’t get a hangover so organic wine sales are booming.

We have started small with a little warehouse near Queens Park in North West London, delivering locally with our own van and nationally overnight by courier. I feel it is important to have a local identity as well as a national presence and that is why I chose the name. I am often out at the farmers market in Queens Park promoting our lovely wines, getting to know the locals and allowing them to get to know me and the wines. Face to face contact and a personal touch is what I believe in rather than being a faceless commercial entity. Sadly I am unable to get a stall at the QP farmers market but I have recently started one at Primrose Hill Market so you can come and try & buy there. See our blog post for more details.

About the wine list

The wine list is still small, currently 120 wines, but It represents a carefully chosen selection of the best wines from all the importers that supply organic and biodynamic wine. Just because a wine is organic does not make it a good wine and indeed there are many we have tried that we decided not to list.

It will grow quickly as we begin to get your feedback so if you do not see what you want initially, just tell us and we can order it.

About the website

The new website launched on April 16th 2018. I have tried to improve the look and feel of the business while maintaining as much simplicity as possible, to make buying wines online, even on your phone, as quick and easy as possible.

If you experience any problems please do let us know. See our contacts page.


Lovely tasting wines with no harmful chemicals, no more hang-overs and a clean conscience. It’s a no brainier for me and I hope you agree and support us by enjoying our lovely wines.


Ian Simpson

Queens Park Wines


Customer Favourites

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What our customers say


"Really looking forward to the latest selection! A friend recently ordered a selection from the Organic Wine Club and I tried them with her and they were seriously hit and miss. Not a patch on yours so I pointed her in your direction."


Jane PondCrouch Hill, London

"We all enjoyed the wines. The Cabernet [Terra Organica Cabernet Sauvignon 2015] and the Viognier [Yalumba Organic Viognier 2015] were particular favourites. In the complex world of wine the fact that they were organic seemed to make little difference to how they were received – it was how they tasted that was being judged."

Phillip SheahanBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"Just had a lovely bottle of Ramoro Pinot Grigio. Despite the snow on the ground, the rosé (orange wine) was eagerly quaffed with Patrick Burge and disappeared very quickly. Absolutely delicious."

Joanna BurgeNormanton On Soar, Leicester

"I loved the orange wine, [Lunaria Ramoro Pinot Grigio 2016] –really unique and tasty. The Champagne [A Levasseur Rue du Sorbier Brut NV] was fantastic – we drunk it alongside other more recognisable brands of similar price and it was far superior."

Joanna BarkerBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"We are enjoying the rich, mellow Salena 2014 Shiraz. Excellent value! Website trouble free and delivery service on target… we will be ordering more!"

Patricia EdwardsBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"Thanks to [Queens Park Wines] I have discovered a world of organic wine that I didn’t previously know existed. I ordered a selection of reds [Terra Organica Cabernet Sauvignon and Rioja ] and [Terra Organica] Prosecco and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Keep up the good work and I’ll be visiting your site again soon!"

Danny DriverHarrow, London

"Organic wine delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours. What’s not to like? A great choice of quality wines with an effortless online shop makes Queens Park Wines a bit of a no-brainer."

Matt CatlowLewisham, London

"The wines are really great. Wow. The Franc de Bel was superb and the Orange Pinot [Ramoro Pinot Grigio 2016] was incredible; not had an orange wine before and really nice."

Fraser GillespieQueens Park, London

"What a joy to have found you! Thoroughly recommend the La Jara range, their ‘Cuvee Rosé’ and ‘Pinot Grigio [La Jara Brut Pinot Grigio Rosé] are exceptional! We’ve also tried the Terra Organica [Cabernet Sauvignon and Rioja] and Salena Organic [Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz] reds, all delicious and good value."

Jackie MckayWestbourne Park, London

"Tried the Haywire Pinot Noir. It was rather good, lovely fruity taste and aroma albeit very light (even for a pinot noir), and just slightly acidic although I found that after about 45 minutes of breathing it settled well; It paired nicely with my chicken and red pepper curry."

Sunil AhujaBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"The wines so far, as we have had 5 of the 12 we ordered are pretty damn good I have to say especially the Salena Shiraz, which was only a tenner and is one of the nicest wines we’ve had. We are new to organic wines and have to say were a bit sceptical about the whole thing, but we’re very impressed and no hang-overs so far so maybe you do have a point."

James SmalleyKenn, Devon

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