Dessert Wines

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  • Stellar Organics – Heaven On Earth

    Stellar Organics – Heaven On Earth is a very interesting and complex dessert wine. Some of the grapes are sun-dried on Rooibos tea leaves before being re-introduced adding gorgeous spices and raisin flavours, creating an intensely satisfying wine. Pairs well with Italian biscuits and desserts such as Panettone and of course your favourite strong cheeses.

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  • Damien Pinon – Les Perruches, Vouray Moelleux, 2015

    An excellent and very well balanced, fruity and slightly sweet wine from the Loire Valley, produced by Damien Pinon.

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  • Parparoussis – Muscat

    Sweet Muscat dessert wine from Greece. Spice with tropical fruits. Bright acidity, ripe pineapple and peach on the palate. Goes with all desserts but particularly with apple tart, baklava, peach cobbler and crème caramel.


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  • A. Levasseur – Ratafia de Champagne

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    This is a grape-based spirit made from Chardonnay grapes. A very special and unusual drink not normally found in the UK and this particular one is in very short supply.

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  • Fattoria Lavacchio – Vin Santo 2010

    If you haven’t tried dipping Italian Cantuccini biscuits in this classic sweet wine, you haven’t lived. Caramelized heaven. This Vin Santo is, quite simply, one of the best available.

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