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  • Stellar Organics – Running Duck Rosé NAS

    A delightfully fruity, fresh and satisfying rosé. Clean as a whistle and ticks all the eco and health boxes. Boxes aside though,  it is really quite delicious and great value for money.

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  • Stellar Organic – Running Duck Pinotage 2017

    A surprisingly rich and satisfying red for the price. It ticks all the boxes – it’s vegan, Fairtrade, organic of course, and no added sulphur, so if you are sensitive to conventional wines in any way at all you really should try this. Boxes aside it really is quite delicious.

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  • Stellar Organics – Heaven On Earth

    Stellar Organics – Heaven On Earth is a very interesting and complex dessert wine. Some of the grapes are sun-dried on Rooibos tea leaves before being re-introduced adding gorgeous spices and raisin flavours, creating an intensely satisfying wine. Pairs well with Italian biscuits and desserts such as Panettone and of course your favourite strong cheeses.

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  • Valli Unite – Ottavio Rube Bianco

    This delightful, rustic wine is unfiltered and unfined. Thirst quenching and minerally. Yellow plums – skins and all – and wild herbs. Ideal with white fish, shellfish and light chicken dishes.

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  • Valli Unite – Ottavio Rube Rosso 2016

    An absolutely delicious, fresh, fruity and vibrant biodynamic red from central Italy. Aromas of raspberries, bilberries and strawberries. Soft and well-balanced on the palate with a long and lingering finish. Extremely versatile and pairs well with pizza, meat pasta, aubergine and mushroom dishes or even slightly chilled as a light summer red.

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  • Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité 2016 Orange Viognier

    Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité is aninteresting and delightful orange Viognier from British wine-maker Simon Coulshaw. Complex, with a fresh acidity, notes of apricots and almonds with a spicy floral finish. Ideal with grilled vegetables, seafood including shellfish, white meats and creamy quiche dishes.



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  • Fratelli Collavo – Prosecco Colfondo NV

    Dry and medium-bodied. Pale in colour, fresh and flinty on the palate. Enjoy as an aperitif or with white fish dishes.

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  • Tenuta Lenzini – Casa e Chiesa Merlot 2014

    An exquisitely rich and bold biodynamic Tuscan Merlot from Tenuta Lenzini. Ideal with game and rich, red meat dishes.

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  • Tenuta Lenzini – Vermignon 2016

    Tenuta Lenzini – Vermignon is a beautifully blended and unusual mix of biodynamically-grown Sauvignon Blanc and Vermentino grapes. Tropical and balanced. Ideal with white fish.

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