Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité 2016 Orange Viognier


Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité is aninteresting and delightful orange Viognier from British wine-maker Simon Coulshaw. Complex, with a fresh acidity, notes of apricots and almonds with a spicy floral finish. Ideal with grilled vegetables, seafood including shellfish, white meats and creamy quiche dishes.



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Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité 2016 Orange Viognier

Producer: Domaines des Trinités

Country: France

Region: Pays d`Oc

Grapes: Viognier

Uncertified. Organic Practice

Domaines des Trinites – L’Invité 2016 Orange Viognier is a complex wine with a fresh acidity that has notes of apricots and almonds with a spicy floral finish. It is classed as an orange wine due to 10 days skin contact, giving the wine added character and body and some subtle tannins.

Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité is ideal with grilled vegetables, seafood including shellfish, white meats and creamy quiche dishes.

Made by British winemaker Simon Coulshaw and his Catalan wife Monica, a couple passionate about making high quality Languedoc wine in their vineyard in Roquessels. Simon describes the production of this wine as beyond organic, with minimal intervention and less usage of natural pesticides such as copper than is allowed in organic farming. Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité could almost be classified as a natural wine.

Contains no added sulphites. Read more.



More from the producer:

The Domaine

Simon’s long-time passion for wine is undoubtedly a welcome inheritance from his father, who was raised in France and was thus schooled and immersed in the culture of wine.

After working a number of harvests in his youth, Simon decided to formally learn the art of viticulture and wine making.

With studies underway the second part of the plan was also kicked off – the search for a vineyard. With his passion for big southern reds, it was no great surprise his search centred on the south of France.

A confirmed “terroirist” – firmly believing that wine quality is essentially down to the quality of the grape and that is in turn down to providing the correct soil, weather, geographical as well as a host of other environmental factors for the vine, he was more and more drawn to the Languedoc where it  became clear that there were some truly outstanding sites with  unparalleled potential. These pockets of “terroir” provided a far better opportunity to create extraordinary wines than perhaps some of the better known more commercial wine producing regions.

So after viewing more than 100 properties for sale, eventually on one fine November morning in 2006 he eventually found Mrs Right. “I knew within 10 minutes that I wanted to buy this property, the vineyards were exceptional, rocky schist at altitude, beautifully planted with a perfect balance of the local varieties. Great potential!

Monica, Simon’s  Catalan wife, herself a longtime lover of Mediterranean style wines, immediately fell in love with the area and its culture and having confirmed that the house, schools etc were up to scratch, agreed that the perfect property had at last been found.

The property is roughly divided by 15 hectares falling into the AOC Faugeres appellation and the remaining 9 hectares as AOC Péezenas Coteaux de Languedoc. The Faugeres vineyards are of pure black and gray schist whereas the Languedoc vineyards yellow schiste have a slightly higher clay content offering a contrast of more fruity wines against the spicier elegant wines from the Faugeres vineyards.

The Viognier and the Rousanne being of a single variety have been declared as Vins de Pays d’Oc, but the vineyards are AOC Coteaux de Languedoc with a slightly northern aspect which prolongs the ripening season and thus the freshness and fruit of these delicate wines.

The Vineyards


The Domaine des Trinités covers 24 hectares and is located on the sun baked schist slopes of the Cevennes, where what little vegetation there is struggles against the elements to produce its crop.

It’s this meager rock “soil” which forces the vines roots deeper and deeper to find water and minerals and in the end produces the uniquely expressive and complex wines of this beautiful Domaine.

The micro climate with its 3 prevailing winds, which bring in turn freshness, precipitation and a gentle drying effect, combine with the schist to deliver wines of elegance and plenty of character.

The vines are divided between the classic  Faugères schist (Paleozoic Era), at an altitude of 200 – 300m and the adjoining yellow shist vineyards of the Coteaux de Languedoc further east along the same formation . The steep south facing slopes surrounded by nothing other than garrigue ensure great drainage and the optimum ripening conditions of hot days and cool evenings,  providing the perfect micro-climate for the deep rooting vines grown.

The Vines

The local varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan and Cinsault are particularly well suited to express the terroir of soil, local herbaceous garrigue, and climate to provide plenty of blending options and multi dimensional wines.

All the vines differ in age with some of the Grenache and Carignan being as old as 80 years, whilst the Syrah has an average age of 20 years and the south facing slopes, ensure fantastic drainage with varieties such as the Mourvedre benefiting from the maximum sun exposure, thus ensuring fine maturity for this notoriously difficult to ripen variety.

The vines are either trained in the traditional “Gobelet” – mainly the old Carignan and some of the older Grenache Noir, whereas the remainder are trellised on wire in the “Cordon Royat” form.

The white schist loving Rhone varieties of Viognier and Rousanne also prosper from the longer ripening season and are trained in “Cordon Royat” as well, to produce aromatic well structured wines.


Additional information

Bottle Size

Bottle 75 cl




Pays d`Oc




Aromatic, Dry, Orange

Enjoy with...

Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Vegetables, Seafood, Shellfish, White Meats


Organic Practice, Uncertified



Sulphur content

No Added Sulphites


Vegan, Vegetarian


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