Piedra Negra – Pinot Gris Rosado 2017


A beautiful, still and fruity rosé wine from Uco Valley, Argentina, made from Pinot Grigio grapes. Subtle and delicate with lots of strawberries and cherries. Enjoy chilled as an aperitif, with tomato-based pasta dishes or grilled fish.

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Piedra Negra Pinot Gris Rosado 2017

Producer: Bodega Piedra Negra / Francois Lurton

Region; Mendoza

Counrty; Argentina

Grape; Pinot Grigio

Piedra Negra Pinot Gris Rosado 2017 has a beautiful pale rose colour. Subtle, delicate and fresh with lots of strawberries and cherries. On the nose it has a blend of white and citrus fruit with subtle berry fruit aromas. Nice acidity and body and with a long, crisp finish.

A fabulous summer wine which pairs well with tomato based pasta dishes and grilled fish.

Biodynamic Practice | Organic certification

Contains added sulphites. Read more.


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More from the producer:




    100% Pinot Gris. Extraordinary variety that ripens early and produces a fine and high quality wine. It is a red grape variety that is vinified as a white or rose variety, widely seen in Italy. We were the first to plant Pinot Gris in Argentina.


    Finca Chacayes, Vista Flores, Valle de Uco, Mendoza


    The discrete and delicate colour is obtained by Pinot Gris skin maceration like the lauded Roses of Provence. The nose offers an inviting blend of white and citrus fruit, typical of the Pinot Gris grape variety, and subtle berry fruit aromas provided by skin An early harvest enabled the Pinot Gris grapes to retain their natural
    acidity and to make a wine with a fresh entry on the palate. A good acidity supported by volume and fat obtained by lees ageing and a long crisp finish.


    After a particularly cool summer, we starting picking the Pinot Gris at the end of February, about two weeks later than usual. March and April were cold and damp. Despite the rain, no botrytis appeared, thanks to rigorous work in the vineyards. This vintage is marked by a lower level of alcohol than the previous vintage. 2016 also offers elegant aromatic wines with exceptional acidity.

More about the producer:

Francois Lurton represents the fifth generation of grape growers in this large family that has been vigneron in Bordeaux since 1897. In 1985, having finished his studies Francois Lurton had an initial experience as commercial and marketing director of his father’s wine company, Andre Lurton. In 1988, in partnership with his brother Jacques, they set up a consulting firm. From Moldavie to Mendoza and from Spain to Australia, they were constantly on the lookout for wine producers, wine merchants and retailers able of replying to the recurring demands of their consumers and clients : Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Hardy’s, Sainsbury… As a result of their endless discoveries, they chose to settle down and produce their own wines in five different countries. In 2007, they decided to reorganize their respective patrimonies and Francois became the major shareholder in the company, which was renamed Francois Lurton SAf-lurton. This new direction allowed him to go back to his own roots and spend more of his time in the vineyards and in the cellars so as to be even more implicated in the making of his wines, through all the stages of their production and so as to guarantee high quality levels.

Location The Bodega Piedra Negra vineyard is located in the Geographical Indication of Los Chacayes, one of the most prestigious appellations in the Uco Valley, to the south of the city of Mendoza. Our property, Finca Los Chacayes, is located in the foothills of the Cordillera at an altitude of 1,100 m in poor soil that consists mainly of alluvial gravel.

Climate – The climate is continental: hot and dry in the summer, cool and wet in the winter. Since the annual rainfall is less than 300 mm, it is necessary to provide water with a drip-irrigation system. The altitude and the continental, semi-desert climate create a substantial difference between day and night-time temperatures, further adding to the rigours of this already extreme terroir. It is not uncommon for temperatures to go down to 5 to 10°C at night, and then rise to 30 to 35°C the following day.
The threat of hail is a major problem, and so the entire vineyard is protected by anti-hail nets.

The vines are planted on rootstock to avoid the risk of phylloxera and control their vigorous nature. High planting density (4,500 vines/ha) and close pruning enable low yields from each vine. In this semi-desert environment, irrigation is necessary so that the vines suffer only moderate water stress, thereby encouraging the concentration of sugars and tannins in the grapes.
Each of our plots is cultivated according to specific agronomic criteria (fertilization, pruning, water stress) so as to control yields and achieve the quality objectives that we have set. A large part of the Finca, where no herbicides or synthetic phytosanitary products are used, has organic certification.

Soil – Our terroir consists of alluvial gravel soil; polished by the river, the rocks are mainly granite or rhyolite (volcanic rock); there is also some lighter volcanic rock and metamorphic rock. This very diverse range of gravel constitutes the essence of the poor, well-drained soil. The altitude and the proximity of the mountains result in cool temperatures at night, in sharp contrast to the high day-time temperatures.
These natural characteristics of the terroir, combined with our rigorous management of the vineyard and yields, enable us to produce superb, fresh, richly coloured, concentrated wines.


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Bottle 75 cl




Mendoza, Uco Valley


Pinot Grigio


Rosé Wine

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Aperitif, Pasta


Biodynamic Practice, Certified Organic




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