Prada a Tope – Palacio de Canedo Godello 2016


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Prada a Tope – Palacio de Canedo Godello 2016

Producer: Prada a Tope

Country: Spain

Region: Bierzo

Grapes: Godello

Palacio de Canedo – Godello 2016 is fresh and fruity with aromas of citrus and pineapple. On the palate it has sweet notes, which give way to a balanced acidity and a long finish with a slight bitter aftertaste, characteristic of the variety,

Palacio de Canedo Godello 2016 pair perfectly with seafood, fish, cheeses and white meats.

Recommend serving temperature 10 and 12ºC.

Contains added sulphites. Read more.


More from the producer:

Wines conceived without haste…

Respect for the environment, free of chemicals, herbicides, insecticides … and the desire to provide clean wines with aromas, colors and unique flavors of the grape, is what made us bet since our inception for Ecological Agriculture . We work to fertilize and give life to the land and our vines, balancing soil. We carry out pruning for correct sun exposure linked to lower yields. Selective harvests marked by the status of each vineyard …And in the cellar … let nature take its course, which gave us pamper the earth … So we get some authentic wines, with the peculiarity of each vintage …And with spherical soul …A recognition of what the earth gives and the creative work of women and men of our time, and their ancestors, is the vineyard is the basis of our wines, which differentiates us from other wineries, other regions, other countries. Like other friendly wineries, we believe the Bierzo wine is mostly natural balance with the landscape that have left generations that preceded us.Respect it and give to those who follow us with the same quality that has come to us is how we get these marvelous wines. They are spread over 30 hectares plots and cultivated in organic farming. On them they grow mencía ink and white varieties Godello, with which we make our wines and sparkling quality, our Xamprada, but also the Biermú or lemonade, or strong spirits.
Production method: Harvest by hand and fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks on its lees.


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Bottle 75 cl






Tropical – Blanaced



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Cheese, Seafood, White Fish, White Meats


Certified Organic




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