Eschenhof Holzer – Invaders.exe Orange 2016


An interesting and delicious oannge Muller Thurgau from Eschenhof Holzer. Dry, full-bodied and cloudy this wine is a great one to try if you are looking to experience orange wine. Incredibly versatile it pairs with chicken, Moroccan food, tuna pasta, goats cheese

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Eschenhof Holzer – Invaders.exe Orange 2016

Producer: Weingut Eschenhof Holzer

Country: Austria

Region: Wagram

Grape: Muller Thurgau

Natural. In conversion to organic certification*

Eschenhof Holzer – Invaders.exe Invasion of the Great Taste Muller Thurgau Orange 2016 is a natural, full-bodied and dry orange wine, Don’t let the novelty factor of the Space Invaders themed labelling put you off; this is a serious and very well made wine and worthy of the price tag in every way we feel.

Aromatic and floral on the nose with orange blossom, peaches and cream. Textural palate, with present yet gentle tannins, plenty of characteristics and a long finish. A very interesting take on a (usually) mundane grape variety – something which you most definitely cannot say about this example.

The idea behind it is to create a light and funky orange / natural wine. Müller Thurgau was chosen as a grape variety to attempt to balance a primarily aromatic, which does not usually have much on body and length. For a relatively young wine, secondary and tertiary flavours are in the foreground and are complimented by texture of the winemaking process and those aromatic characters.” – Arnold Holzer

Winemaker Arnold Holzer produced this orange Müller-Thurgau by fermenting the grapes on their skins resulting in an aromatic orange wine with plenty of depth, blood orange colour, spice and white pepper. Truly lovely and quite unique. This wine was spontaneously fermented on the skins using the natural (wild) yeasts. The oxidation process was promoted during fermentation, this resulted in the unique and special colour of the wine. After approximately 3 weeks of contact with the skins, the wine was pressed. Bottled unfined & unfiltered.

As is often the case with orange wines they are incredibly food friendly. Schnitzel or Roast Chicken, Thai food, Moroccan dishes, tuna pasta, pork chops and strong goats cheeses.

Eschenhof Holzer – Invaders.exe is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Eschenhof Holzer – Invaders.exe contains minimal added sulphites. Read more.


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The Estate














The Eschenhof Holzer winery is located in Großriedenthal, in the Wagram wine region. Here the innovative wine maker, Arnold Holzer, draws on the unique bounty of nature, with a great deal of creativity, a distinctive style and a sense for delicious creations.

The name „Eschenhof“ comes from the oak trees that stand in front of the farmyard and the old cellar on the winery street. This is where the red wine is stored.

Fifth generation wine making artist

Arnold was born 1987 and as the fifth generation to do so, took over the winery from his parents in 2010. Since he was young he has helped at the winery and familiarized himself with the handed-down knowledge of viticulture. He is shaping the future of the estate through his open-minded character. Arnold draws on the resources of the natural wealth, and uses this potential to develop his distinctive wine creations. For Arnold, the creation of a successful brand, is the art of giving the particular product a distinctive identity. As a determined wine maker, Arnold knows that the success of the business lies within the interplay of creation and organization. It is for this reason that he looks after the work in the vineyard and the wine cellar, as well as the economic and marketing matters – ably assisted and with the strong support of his Anna.

The Wagram wine region

The loess in this region creates the natural conditions for the rich wine. The soil drifted here in multiple layers during the last ice age, about 100.000 to 10.000 years ago and covered the sub soil with marine deposits. The loess soil in the region reaches an extraordinary height of up to 20 meters. Due to the valuable mineral composition, the loess soil creates a balanced depository of nutrients. Thanks to it’s small granules and high capillary, the loess soil is able to preserve water, and is thus permanently able to provide the deep reaching roots of the grapevines in Pannonian, low-rainfall climate with enough water. The wines that thrive in the loess region are distinguished by a particularly characterful, long lasting and delicate fruit.



* 2016 was the first year of conversion to organic farming practice for Arnold Holzer. We must advise, therefore, that some chemical residues may be present in the wine. We will continue to list the wine on this basis and it is up to the customer to decide if that is acceptable.

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Bottle Size

50 cl






Dry, Full-Bodied, Orange

Enjoy with...

Goats Cheese, Lamb, Moroccan Dishes, Pasta, Pork, Tuna




In Transition Organic


Vegan, Vegetarian

Sulphur content

Minimal Added Sulphites


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